Our Product:
* Gives you more for your money.
       Just ask one of our many satisfied customers. TREFOLEX is the compound that significantly increases tool life and thread quality.
* A Proven Performer
       TREFOLEX leaves no pigtails, only super clean and easy cuts on the hardest materials. And it’s backed by more than 50 years of experience and testing under the toughest conditions.
* Completely User Friendly
       TREFOLEX is completely skin safe ,has no offensive odor, and meets all OSHA requirements.
* Try New Sulfur-Free CH Grade
       Suitable for all of your machining needs. Stain-free performance on Aluminum, Stainless Steel,Gold, Platinum, alloys and exotic metals. Specially formulated for today’s precise drilling requirements, any residue rinses easily with hot water.
Unique Compound Formula
       TREFOLEX is a compound, not a runny oil or evaporating spray. It works when you start your cut and melts as the heat builds up to continue working all the way through. TREFOLEX is the proven cutting compound when you’re working
on the cutting edge.”

       The original TREFOLEX was improved throughout the first decade, spurred on by the demand of end-users for a product, still economical in use, but applicable to newer types of metals and using increasingly up-dated tools and machinery.
Our willingness to listen to our customers is proven by the fact that TREFOLEX REGULAR GRADE is still in demand